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Total Avantgarde was incorporated by a group of enthusiastic veterans keen on improving the standard of offshore aviation industry. With a team of local and international staff with vast experience in aviation industry and an eagle eye when it comes to safety at workplace, we strive to provide the latest and the best standards practiced in the industry. 

Our instructors and inspectors are our most valuable assets. We believe that people with operational experience would be able to understand the reality of working environment, hence would be more qualified to conduct training or inspection of a workplace. 

Our instructors and inspectors are handpicked across the industry and have undergone formal training by respective governing bodies to ensure an up-to-date knowledge in their respective field. Their skills, knowledge, behaviour and ability to communicate are the key to deliver a top class service to our customers. 

Offshore Aviation – Setting and Maintaining Standard – as the motto of the company suggested, Total Avantgarde is committed in trying to set a very high and respectable standard especially in offshore aviation related and Health Safety and Environment activities in the industry.

To achieve this, Total Avantgarde has send all their instructors and inspectors for oversea training. By attending international training provided by recognized training provider such as OPITO, Met. Office of CAA UK and Flight Safety, new ideas and new industries best practice can be identified and applied to our local offshore aviation industry when it is suitable.

Strict pre- qualification criteria was followed during the selection process of all instructors and inspectors. This was followed by strict competency assurance process to ensure that the respective personnel are fully qualified to perform their function before they are assigned to an operational duties.


To work in hand with the authority to set and maintain the standard of offshore aviation industry in Malaysia.


To support Malaysia to achieve the respectable ‘world class offshore standard’ that become the reference for the world offshore oil and gas industry.