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Aviation Audit Objective:

 To carry out an aviation audit on an aviation organization both in flight operation department and engineering department. Aviation audit is to help the aviation organization to be able to recognize if there is any short coming in their organization especially in their two critical department that is Flight Operation Department and Engineering Department.

Aviation audit, in both flight operation department and engineering department of an aviation organization is crucial because these two departments are where the main critical activities of the organization taken place. It is essential that all these critical activities are being taken efficiently and seriously by qualified and competence personnel. Observing correct working procedures and following standard safety practices by all personnel need to be monitored. These can be done by having regular aviation audit.

Aviation audit is designed as a tool for safety and procedural improvement. Audit finding by aviation audit auditors should be taken as step to improve the organization. The organisation should be able to improve in either safety record, training record and procedural both in flight operation and engineering department following an audit report.

The aviation audit is designed to follow the relevant publication such as :  

a)  International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) publication,  

b)  Relevant local authority publication,

c)   Aircraft manufacturer publication such as aircraft flight manual and aircraft maintenance manual,

d)  Specific organisation requirement such as oil and gas producing organisation,

e) Industry best practices.

Our Auditors:

All our Auditors are experts in either Flight Operation Audit or Engineering Audit. They have served either as auditors and hold various appointment in an aviation organization either as Pilots or Licence Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

With their vast knowledge as pilots or license aircraft maintenance engineers and having hold various flight operation and engineering department appointment, the flight operation and engineering auditors should be able to contribute to overall improvement of the aviation organisations.

The auditors have attended the lead auditor course organised by recognised aviation audit training provider.

Aviation Audit