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Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) / Helideck Assistant (HDA)

Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) Overview

This Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO)  training is conducted in accordance to the world best practised standards. The aim and objectives of the Helicopter Landing Officer Training Program are to equip the delegate with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to perform the role of Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) safely and effectively.

The HLO is responsible for the daily management of the helideck, associated helideck operations and supervision of the Helideck Assistants (HDAs). The HLO will also be responsible for leading the initial response to a helicopter emergency on an offshore fixed, mobile, floating installation or vessel and leading the HDA and helideck emergency response team during the emergency. Training and competence assessment of HLOs will comprise both theory and practical training and assessment.  


New participants attending for the HLO course must have a minimum of two (2) years experience working as HDA. 

As most part of the training will involve active communications between  training facilitators and HLO training participant, it is essential that all participants can read, speak and understand English fluently.

Who should attend

The HLO is designed for all personnel identified to be designated as Helideck Landing Officer (HLO) or Helideck Assistant (HDA)

Course Duration

  • Two and half (2.5) days course
  • Two days Helicopter Landing Officer’s theory and theory assessment.
  • Half( ½ ) day Practical and Practical Assessment

The course will be conducted on the following dates:

September 2020

Kota Damansara

  • 01-03 September 2020
  • 10-12 September 2020
  • 17-19 September 2020
  • 22-24 September 2020
  • 28-30 September 2020


  • 01-03 September 2020


  • 21-23 September 2020

*Due to additional travel requirements to Labuan, all scheduled trainings in Labuan will be updated from time to time, please contact us for further information

*contact us for Slot availability & Training Status*

Course Validity:

The HLO course is valid for two (2) years.

Award of Certificate:

Certificate will only be awarded to participant that has met the minimum requirement both in theory and practical examination.

Our Trainers:

All trainers for Helicopter Landing Officer are Offshore Helicopter Pilots, they are very conversion with offshore helicopter operating procedures. For radio communication part in the Helicopter Landing Officer course, our trainers are either Offshore Helicopter Pilots or Air Traffic Controllers who are proficient in offshore aviation operation. 

To ensure that our trainers are of the highest standards and latest ‘industry best practices’ can be learned and being introduced into local oil and gas industries, all our trainers have attended the following courses oversea:

    • OPITO Helicopter Landing Officer Course – UK
  • Certified Offshore Radio Operator Course – CAA UK.

Total Avantgarde is authorised by the following organisations to conduct this course in Malaysia:

    • Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM)
  • Helideck Certification Committee (HCC)
Helicopter Landing Officer