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Helideck Radio Operator (Malaysian Operation)

Total Avantgarde is an ‘Approved Training Centre’ by ‘CAAM Helideck Certification Committee’ (CAAM HCC) to conduct ‘Helideck Radio Operator Course’.

It is mandatory for any Radio Operator to hold a current and valid ‘Helideck Radio Operator’ certificate to qualify to be an offshore helideck radio operator in Malaysian oil and gas environment.

To ensure that all radio operator in an offshore installation in Malaysia met this requirement, Total Avantgarde is calling all offshore operators or individual planning to pursue the position of Helideck Radio Operator in Malaysian Oil and Gas operation to attend the ‘HCC Approved Course’ and to be certified as qualified Helideck Radio Operator.

Total Avantgarde is calling for bookings on the Helideck Radio Operator Course.

To facilitate administration for outstation participants, all booking must be made at least ‘two weeks’ prior to the proposed course date. Confirmation of booking will only be done once the required numbers of participants are obtained or one week before the proposed date.

The course will be conducted on the following dates:

September 2020

Kota Damansara

  • 01-03 September 2020
  • 10-12 September 2020
  • 17-19 September 2020
  • 22-24 September 2020
  • 28-30 September 2020


  • 24-26 September 2020

*Due to additional travel requirements to Labuan, all scheduled trainings in Labuan will be updated from time to time, please contact us for further information

*contact us for Slot availability & Training Status*

Download your booking form here: Booking Form

The course will be held at Total Avantgarde’s office / training center located at Kota Damansara, Selangor unless stated otherwise. Contact us for more details on the location of training.

The course covers both the theoretical and practical part to be a competent HRO.

Course Overview

Helideck Radio Operator course are comprehensively designed to train those who have the responsibility as Radio Operator at an offshore installation. At the end of the course, the participant will be knowledgeable in routine Radio Operator duties, duties in emergency response arrangements and the actions required of a Radio Operator during helicopter operation.

The course will be conducted as per Helideck Certification Committee’s syllabus and consists of a theory session followed by practical and written examination. The course covers the following areas:

  • Helideck Standard
  • Weather Observation (Meteorology)
  • Radio Telephony


None. However, knowledge in helideck standards and duties of Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) will help as these subject shall be discussed as refresher subjects. Delegates are advised to study related subjects prior to attending the course.

English is the international aviation language, the Helideck Radio Operator Course will be conducted in English, thus all delegates are expected to be proficient in English.

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for all personnel required to operate radios on the air band, eg. Helideck Radio Operator, HLOs, HDAs and stanby vessel watch-keepers.

Course Duration and Breakdown

The Helideck Radio Operator course is a three days course, breakdown of the course is as follow:

  • Theories and theories assessment
  • Practical session and assessment

Course Validity

The Helideck Radio Operator course is valid for two (2) years after which the participant shall attend the refresher course

Award of Certificate

Certificate will only be awarded to participant that has met the minimum requirement both in theory and practical assessment.

Our Trainers

All our trainers for Helideck Radio Operator course are either Offshore Helicopter Pilots or Air Traffic Controllers who are proficient in aviation radio communication.

As additional qualification they have attended various courses related to the subject matter oversea and attended the refresher courses every two years.

They have pick-up many ‘industry best practices’ in those courses and these have been introduced to all participants that have attended our courses.

Additional courses that our trainers / facilitators in Helideck Radio Operator have attended are:

  1. Civil Aviation Authority of United Kingdom (CAA)  Certified Offshore Radio Operator Course
  2. Offshore Meteorology Observation Course conducted by Met Office United Kingdom
  3. Helideck Landing Officer (HLO) Course conducted by OPITO in United Kingdom
  4. Helideck Inspection Course conducted by Flight Safety International.

Total Avantgarde is authorised by CAAM Helideck Certification Committee (CAAM HCC) to conduct Helideck Radio Operator Training.

 Helideck Certification Committee (HCC) HRDF 2