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Meteorological Observer Training (Offshore)

Meteorological Observer Training Course

Date :

  • 23 – 24 January 2019
  • 25 – 26 February 2019
  • 21 – 22 March 2019


Meteorological Observer has become essential in Oil and Gas industry. It has been proven that a good and accurate weather report by a competent meteorological observer has contributed to a better Flight Safety Record. This has also contributed to a more efficient helicopter offshore support flight. 

The objective of the course is to ensure that Meteorological Observers will be capable of providing good weather reporting. Meteorological Observers are expected to provide a pre-flight weather report, this report is issued for the purpose of pre-flight planning by pilots.

Meteorological Observers are also required to prepare a radio message weather report detailing the current weather condition at the helideck.

For these requirement, Offshore Meteorological Observer course is designed to train Meteorological Observers to be able to interpret weather report from meteorological office, provide good onsite weather report using the correct format and able to prepare weather report for radio transmission.

On completion of the Offshore Meteorological Observer course the participants will be able to:

Observe, report and encode the weather elements required for the pre flight weather reports and also the en-route weather radio message.

Explain the procedures used to estimate the subjective elements of weather report (i.e. visibility, weather and cloud type, amounts and height).

Have a knowledge of the various systems, equipment and instruments in use, including their limitations.

Understand the need for issuing accurate weather reports, especially in the case of an aircraft incident.

Decode civil METARs, TAFs and trends.

Understand air masses, weather fronts and how clouds are formed.


Offshore Meteorological Observer course will be conducted in English, proficient in both spoken and written English is essential for all participants.

Who should attend

Personnel who will be carrying out the duty as meteorological observer on offshore installations.

Course Duration

Offshore Meteorological Observer course is a two days course.

Course Validity:

The Offshore Meteorological Observer course is valid for two years after which the participants shall attend the refresher course.

 Award of Certificate:

Certificate will only be awarded to participant that has met the minimum requirement both in theory and practical examination

Our Trainers:

All trainers are either Helicopter Pilots or Air Traffic Controllers who are proficient in weather observation and has attended CAA approved training course for Offshore Meteorology Observation organised by Met Office, UK.


This course has been authorised by Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia to conduct Meteorological Observer Training (Offshore).

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