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 Total Avantgarde aviation safety team is ready to help an organization to develop their own safety case specific to their nature of operation. Development of specific safety case for each organization is critical because there are no two organizations, even though they are in the same business, will have exactly same safety concern. This is due to other factors such as, the organization safety culture, safety documentation and even environmental condition where the organization is located.

Effective and robust safety case can only be developed  with the full participant from the organization work force.

Robust safety case has been recognized as being able to help an organization to identify any hazards that the organization is facing. With this information timely and effective control can be put in place to ensure that unfavorable consequences can be avoided. This is the reason, why it is an up most important for an organization to have the most robust safety case being developed.

This should be specific to the type of operation of the organization, this should include all control measure, document reference, escalation, escalation control and recovery measure.

Completed safety case should be accessible as reference to all staff, an effective way to ensure that staff can refer to the safety case when carry out their day to day task must be established.

Effective safety case will need to be reviewed regularly, the review need to be conducted because there will be changes in the way task are perform, new machinery being introduced, the environmental condition might change and even people behavior might change. To ensure the robustness of the safety case regular review is required.  


All our safety case consultants have been involved in developing numerous safety cases especially in aviation industry. The consultant has attended many safety related training.

All consultants are trained to used latest software to help in developing robust safety case.