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Helideck Friction Testing (UKCAA CAP437)

Helideck Friction Test

Total Avantgarde specializes in helideck friction test on offshore/onshore installations or vessels. Furthermore, with team of factory trained inspectors, Helideck Friction Test is conducted using the latest friction measuring equipment, Micro Grip Tester.

Micro Grip Tester is the latest Helideck friction test equipment that meets all the strict requirements spell out under UKCAA, CAP 437. This equipment is developed and produced by Findlay Irvine.

The Micro Grip Tester employs the braked wheel technique. As required by the CAP 437 for the helideck friction test to conducted under wet surface condition, the Micro Grip Tester is also able to control the wetness of the deck during testing.

As other requirement by the CAP 437, Micro Grip Tester includes electronic data collection, storage and processing. Therefore, it allows the whole of the deck surface to be covered to a resolution of not more than 1 m2.

With micro grip tester build in computer, helideck friction test results can be saved directly into removable hard drive and the result can be viewed  using the supplied software in a computer.

With micro grip tester build in Integrated Global Positioning System, friction test / survey carried out using the Micro Grip Tester  can be overlaid on a map to provide a graphical easy to understand Grip Number display.

Beside initial requirement for certification, regular helideck friction testing gives offshore installation operators and vessel operators the assurance needed to remove the helideck landing nets that present highly undesirable hazards to the personnel as well as to the helicopters operating on the installations.

Helideck Friction Test carried out is based on CAP 437 which provides guidance on the periodicity of helideck friction testing between six months to three years depending on surface friction test result. To maximize efficiency, offshore installation  may opt to have helideck friction test carried out annually together with the helideck inspection / audits.

This service is approved by Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia

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